What's the deal with those hats?

Mission Statement.

Kozie Prery strives to make the most comfortable, sustainable and functional cycling gear on the market.

The Story.

I have a Masters of Architecture and was working an architecture job I hated.  Lucky for me I was let go and turned to my love of sewing to occupy my time.  I started with one truly hideous winter hat for my husband's birthday and ended up making new hats for my friends on a weekly basis. 

Design Philosophy.

When I moved to Chicago in 2007 I was riding with a cap not specifically designed to fit under my bike helmet leaving me cold, unsafe and frustrated.  I wanted a cap that would keep my head cool when I was hot, adjustable without removing my helmet and stylish enough to wear everyday.  While designing the caps I was fortunate to have a great group of all-weather-cyclist friends who tested the caps over one year.  I think we nailed it.  The product is the perfect cycling cap for any weather that is stylish and eco-friendly to boot.