Porter Rack Bags

Before packing up my studio I made prototypes for two bags - one of them was this:

Don't you hate riding with a basket full of groceries only to hit a bump and have them levitate right out of their bag?  I'm pretty good at riding with one hand while smacking down loaves of bread, cans of soup and various produce whack-a-mole style.  While I don't miss having all that weight on my back in my messenger bag I sure don't like losing lettuce at every pothole.

I have a traditional basket which at least holds the grocery bags themselves while my husband has a porter rack on his Globe daily.  His rack won't contain the paper grocery bags, so instead he has a system of putting some items in his pannier, wedging the bags in between that and his handlebars then securing the whole rig with a used tube looped over his coffee holder.  Still with me? 

Don't get me wrong, we love porter racks - they are more stable, hold more weight and look so hot.  But try to actually porter anything?  Forget it!  Two of our three main bikes have them and other than looking cool or carrying boxes do they really do anything? 

Welcome the double porter rack bag.  Sized to fit on a large porter rack this beast of a bag has a roll down top, ripstop nylon lining, double canvas base and rack clips.  The pictures below are of the mocked up bag made with simple materials from Jo-Ann's.  Like any product there will be trial and error (like the single grocery porter bag that I made from a pair of thrifted pants and a denim jumper, only to discover stains on the pants, ick!) so materials will change.  Lets put that porter basket to good use!