Summer 2015 chicago caps

Chicago caps are now available in handsome pinstripe or houndstooth tropical weight suiting. 

Baby and Children's Caps

Soft and stretchy recycled cotton makes a great cap for little noggins.  Caps help keep sun out of eyes and are an extra layer between sensitive small heads and heavy helmets.

Porter Rack Bag Prototype

This is one huge bag.  Double grocery bag size with a cinching liner.  Fold-over closure, double canvas base and clips for rack.  14"W X 14"D X 16"T.  Bag shown made with prototype materials - canvas, exterior upholstery and ripstop nylon lining.

Chicago Caps

I made these caps to show off my hometown pride.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  These caps are screenprinted by Liberation Printing here in Chicago on black cotton or gray poly knit.  Available in gray or black in unlimited runs or on recycled fabrics. 

Custom Caps

Caps made for shops around town, Kickstarter campaigns and weddings.  Silkscreening by Liberation Printing (where I remind you - I can ride to and from on my bike to pick up my printing).

The Bike That Bike Hats Built

In early 2012 a truck pulled up to my house and dropped off a giant box.  Upon opening it I found the most wonderful thing - my family's Madsen!  Although referred to for awhile as "the scary bike" by my then two-year-old I persevered and now make giant trips to the grocery and thrift stores without losing my sanity.  I also did Renegade sans vehicle this year adding it to the roster of in-town shows I am able to do completely without using a car.

Everything Else

My favorite photos from over the years.